technical PAPERS

Overview of KRUSTY and Kilopower reactors, and the benefits they could provide.

Description of the KRUSTY reactor design, including the why and how it led to a successful test.

Description of the KRUSTY heat pipes, Stirling engines, and heat removal. 

Summary of the safety and regulatory basis for KRUSTY.

Description of the generic cold criticality tests involving Kilopower materials.

Description of the cold criticality tests of the actual KRUSTY configuration.

Description of the nuclear-powered criticality experiments that characterized reactor physics and heat transfer.

Description of the integrated nuclear power system test, and how it relates to a potential flight system.

An in-depth look at the benefits of Kilopower reactors for deep space science missions.

A JPL white paper proposing Kilopower for Nuclear Electric Propulsion; supported by >60 prominent space scientists and engineers.

SpaceNukes White Paper - The Persistent and Growing Gap Between “Real” and “Paper” Special-Purpose Reactors

SpaceNukes White Paper - Technical Advantages of HEU vs LEU for Special Purpose Reactors

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